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Did you know it is possible to correct your vision using a contact lens that you wear during sleep and remove when you awake? A treatment know as Orthokeratology, also referred to as Ortho-K, refers to the use of gas permeable contact lenses that temporarily reshape the cornea to correct shortsightedness and small degrees of astigmatism. The treatment provides a convenient, risk free alternative to laser surgery and is fully supervised by a qualified optometrist.

At Jarvis Optometrist we use a brand of Ortho-K lenses called Nocturnal™. Worn during the night, Nocturnal™ lenses enable you to see clearly throughout the day without any irritation or concern about dry eyes or discomfort. Suitable for young and old alike, Nocturnal™ lenses are ideal for those who work in air-conditioned or dusty environments, partake in any sport activities or simply want to enjoy good sight without glasses, lenses or surgery.

Work, play sports… enjoy yourself with complete freedom

Nocturnal™ offers huge benefits to people in specific areas of employment where spectacles or contact lenses can be an inconvenience.

Likewise, not having to wear contact lenses during the day means that you will no longer experience problems with hay fever, dryness, air conditioning, wind, dust or slippage… leaving you free to focus on enjoying a modern, active lifestyle.

The major benefits of Nocturnal™ Lenses are:

  • None of the risks of laser surgery
  • Possibly never have to buy spectacles again
  • More convenient than conventional contact lenses
  • Comparable cost to regular lenses
  • Nocturnal™ is a non-surgical process that uses reverse geometry contact lenses to reshape the cornea of the eye while you sleep. So when you wake up Nocturnal™ will have corrected the focusing power of the eye which means that you would not have to wear spectacles or contact lenses during the day.

Fitting and wearing schedule

The fitting of Nocturnal™ lenses follows a similar procedure to conventional contact lenses. A corneal topographer is used to map the exact contours of the eye using thousands of points of reference. This data is then used to produce individually tailored lenses to suit your precise needs.

  • Appointment 1 – Your eyes are checked to be suitable. The contours of each eye are then measured and the data is used to precision engineer the lenses.
  • Appointment 2 – Lenses are collected, fitted and a further appointment is made for the next morning.
  • Appointment 3 – Your eyes and lenses are checked thoroughly.
  • Appointment 4 – A few days later you are given a further check-up to ensure both practitioner and you are totally satisfied with the treatment.
  • Ongoing appointments – Check-ups are then scheduled similarly intervals to normal contact lens users.

If you would like to arrange an eye examination to assess the suitability of your eyes for Nocturnal™ lenses, either telephone on (01382) 462236 or Book an Appointment using the form below.

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