Spectacle Lenses

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Spectacle Lenses

These days there is a wide range of lens types to meet individual needs, lifestyles and budget. At Jarvis Optometrist we will advise you on what lens type suits you best.

As a guide lenses fall into the following broad categories:


Tinted and Reactive lenses

Problems with glare, whether it is from the high levels of sunshine encountered abroad or just a bright sunny day at home, we will be able to advise on the right type of tinted lens.

A standard tint with UV coating works very well when worn for occasions where glare is a problem.  When continuous protection from glare is required, then Transitions reactive lenses are recommended.


Lens coatings

If you are affected by glare from night driving or from computer screens, then an AR( anti-reflection) coating can be added to the lens surface.


Lens thickness

To reduce the lens thickness and weight, all of the above are available in high index materials and coatings. For best quality lenses and coatings ask about our range of  Essilor lenses.

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