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Damage to your eyes from bright sunlight can lead to serious eye health issues in later life. If you require spectacles, why not also have sunglasses made to your individual prescription?

As well as a range of standard sunglass lens options prescription sunglasses can also be made with:

  • Photochromic lenses. These remain clear indoors but darken in the sunlight, now also available in light-weight plastic Transitions.
  • Polarised lenses to reduce reflected glare from horizontal surfaces. This makes them particularly useful for sailing, fishing and driving, where eye strain can be a real problem.

We stock a wide selection of sunglasses and are available in designer ranges such as Guess and Gant. We will happily advise you on the best pair according to your needs. This way you can enjoy the sunshine, safe in the knowledge that your eyes are well protected against the sun’s harmful rays.


Summer Special

We have a wide range of sunglasses at special summer prices:

Non-prescription sunglasses from: £34.95

Prescription sunglasses from:

  • Single vision: £69.95
  • Bifocals: £89.95
  • Progressives: £142.50
  • Polarized lens supplement £40.00

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